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Building Teen Self Esteem

Every 5.4 hours in America a teenager between the ages of 15-19 COMMITS SUICIDE*.

What’s more, it is estimated that another 8-25 times this figure ATTEMPT SUICIDE.

How many more teens are contemplating suicide and CANNOT TALK ABOUT IT?

Low teen self esteem is a major contributor to depression**. After all, how many teenagers with high self esteem do you know that would even contemplate suicide?

*These Statistics of Low Self Esteem in Teenagers and Suicide courtesy NAMI. **See also AACAP.

What are the causes of low teen self esteem?
According to many and varied expert sources, race or gender do not appear to be a major factor the sensationalist media might have us believe.

It is also often speculated that the 'perfect image' of teenage girls in the media may have low self-esteem implications ... unconsciously making an external image comparison to the person's own self-image.

This is most likely a contributing factor - along with how the fashion world affects an adolescent female's self image.

Interestingly, low self esteem in adolescents can also be caused by normal adolescent development. Healthy questions being posed such as "Who I am and How do I fit in?" are answered dysfunctionally.

If you are a parent reading this, brace yourself, because it seems as if the single biggest influence is the parent (and note it is: "influence" - not necessarily the original cause).

Building teen self esteem
Whilst the debate about teenagers and low self esteem ... its causes, symptoms and consequences ... continues to rage, the way we respond to the adolescents around us makes a difference.

Responding by properly mentoring teenagers is a worthy cause, which could certainly assist them in making higher quality decisions.

Does low self esteem play a role in early intercourse?
The question of low self esteem and early intercourse, the dependency between teen sex and self-esteem has been thoroughly analyzed and researched.

The researchers seem to agree that there is a risk factor for very low self esteem (the adolescent may engage in sexual activity to feel valued), but the extent is hotly debated!

Read some of the latest research in a paper at Pediatrics.

A good article (with) further resources about this subject can be found at: depression.about.com.

Free self esteem for teens?
You'll find plenty of free inspiration in my Free 21-Day Building Self Esteem Course Although not specifically directed at adolescents, the 56-page workbook alone may well give you some further ideas for helpful activities. It will also help you understand for yourself more about the practicalities of how self worth is created. You can sign up and have your workbook within minutes here.

Resources specifically for teenagers
A great resource can be found at Mike Brescia's Think Right Now site: Go to: http://www.selfesteemplus.com/Think-Right-Now. He has a CD specifically aimed at 9-13 yr olds.

And here is a good book "Empowering Teens to Build Self-Esteem" from Inner Publishing (Look in their bookstore). Go to: http://www.selfesteemplus.com/Empowering-Teens






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