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What's the Second 'Free Bonus' all about?
So many people have asked me what this extra free book bonus is all about below that I thought I had better explain it! (I mistakenly believed everyone would eagerly sign up for something else free ... but then as a result of your feedback, I realized I hadn't done a good job!).

The Free Bonus Book below is a bonus extra free subscription that I have negotiated only for you as an instant self esteem subscriber . It is an awesome and inspiring 99-Chapter book by Mike Brescia, called 'Today Is Your Day To Win'. (In fact Mike currently sells it for $17.95.)

The book arrives chapter by chapter daily straight to your inbox. It's easy to read and complements my course beautifully.

I subscribed personally (as did my wife on a separate occasion) and found the whole 99-chapters extremely stimulating - and even though "I know this stuff", I found myself able to shift my own limiting thinking on more than one occasion!

Well done Mike!

As always, Mike doesn't spam or share your email address and you are able to unsubscribe whenever you wish.

So go ahead and take your free bonus! ... I promise you'll love it!

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