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»»» One of my favorite self help eBooks - and the whole 99 chapters are FREE!
If you want to know more about how to repattern your mind and embrace more positive thoughts, Think Right Now (Mike Brescia) has plenty of information specifically focused on repatterning your own mind. I recommend you sign up for Mike's free success course! He also has an excellent range of CDs and audiotapes specifically directed at self esteem and self esteem for kids.
Go to: http://www.selfesteemplus.com/Think-Right-Now

»»» Get a FREE 2 hour self help seminar DVD from the world-famous Sedona Method
To help re-condition your very own thoughts, why not try the world-famous Sedona Method? Tons more help is packed into this website ... including a FREE 2 hour self help seminar on DVD in this case ... find it at:

»»» Learn the power of self hypnosis ... for FREE!
Hypnosis Downloads have an extensive range of highly specific downloadable programs – from self esteem to overcoming insecurity. Why not visit their page ‘Learn Hypnosis’ and take the free course!
Go to: http://www.selfesteemplus.com/Hypnosis-Downloads

»»» Want more cutting edge techniques?
Kent Sayre at Unstoppable Confidence has a superb ebook, based on many of the principles I also use and teach. If improving your confidence is a major goal of yours, then check it out.
Go to: http://www.selfesteemplus.com/Unstoppable-Confidence

»»» Why not put your own, custom-designed goals and affirmations right onto your desktop?
Having goals and affirmations for your success is a great way to unlock your own inner power. Most people don’t realize how powerful they already are! To put affirmations and goals right onto your computer where you can access their power everyday, go to Affirmware.

Jeff Staniforth has developed an excellent software program specifically for harnessing the power of affirmations on your computer! He also has a free affirmations course for you!
Go to: http://www.selfesteemplus.com/Affirmation-Software

»»» Why not learn from the best of the best ...
Who comes up with some of this 'new age woo-woo' stuff? Much of it has been developed and refined over time. If you want to know more, Self Growth have released an amazing 460-page ebook "Self Improvement - The Top 101 Experts" which condenses pretty much all of the great advice from recognized experts such as:

Tony Robbins, Dr. Phil, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Norman Vincent Peale, John Gray, Harville Hendrix, Leo Buscaglia, Barbara DeAngelis, Laura Schlessinger, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Caroline Myss, Louise Hay, Sylvia Browne, Dalai Lama, James Redfield, Stephen Covey, John Maxwell, Ken Blanchard, Tom Hopkins, Tom Peters, Robert Allen, Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, Dale Carnegie, Brian Tracy, Og Mandino, Po Bronson.

Saves you plenty of research time continuing your journey!
Go to: http://www.selfesteemplus.com/Top-Experts

»»» Pass on some inspiration ...
Why not send a message of inspiration to someone? You never know, it could be the difference that makes the difference! Go to:
for inspirational ecards.

Feel free to ask for more self esteem resources or simply give feedback at: info@selfesteemplus.com

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