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A great resource for turning low self esteem around
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Your Free 56-page Self Esteem Ebook is a terrific resource to help you, or a friend or family member turn low self esteem around and build self confidence.

It is the cornerstone of the free 21-day E-course "Boost Your Self Esteem To New Heights" ($97 Value).

If you'd like to see the actual Table Of Contents showing just what is in this eBook, click on the picture below to enlarge it.

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When you sign up for the free building self esteem course, you will automatically receive by email 5 Self Esteem Lessons over the next 21 days ... AND one Welcome Email which contains instructions for the course and downloading your Self Esteem ebook

The Self Esteem Activities

Each of the 5 Self Esteem Lessons focuses on a specific area of building self esteem with practical activities, techniques and examples. Each Lesson also refers directly to the respective Section in the ebook

The Self Esteem Ebook

The ebook contains all the self esteem worksheets, reference materials and condenses many many, thousands of hours of studying, developing and teaching these concepts. Most importantly, it is somewhere for you to record your notes, thoughts, results and action plans.

These two resources of Lessons by email AND the free ebook make a powerful combination that makes the changes you desire much easier and more compelling.

You'll find the email Lessons also act as coaches, providing helpful guidance and examples just when you need it.

And they are equally spaced apart to give you time to build on the last lesson. We have found this regularly particularly important!

Why not sign up now?

It's a no-risk deal - and free for a short time only!

Looking for other free self esteem and self confidence ebooks?

I would strongly recommend you subscribe to Mike Brescia's (of Think Right Now fame) free 99-chapter ''Today Is Your Day To Win' ebook ... and you can do it for free right here!

So many people have asked me what this free ebook is all about below that I thought I had better explain it! (I mistakenly believed everyone would eagerly sign up for something else free ... but then as a result of your feedback, I realized I hadn't done a good job!).

The Free Bonus below is a bonus extra free subscription that I have negotiated only for you as a selfesteemplus visitor. It is an awesome and inspiring book by Mike Brescia, called 'Today Is Your Day To Win'.

The book arrives chapter by chapter daily straight to your inbox. It's easy to read (and complements my course beautifully, if you are taking it).

I subscribed personally and found the whole 99-chapters extremely stimulating - and even though "I know this stuff", I found myself able to shift my own limiting thinking on more than one occasion!

Well done Mike!

As always, Mike doesn't spam or share your email address and you are able to unsubscribe whenever you wish.

So go ahead and take your free bonus! ... I promise you'll love it!

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