Self Confidence

How can you increase your self confidence?

And how does being confident influence self esteem?

Firstly here's one very practical way to build up your self confidence ...

Work intensively on 'changing your state'.

Let's backtrack a little. True confidence is almost certainly a 'belief'. If you were to try to discover why the self confident are that way, you'll probably find they just believe it's possible.

And the real difficulty with this is that deep-seated beliefs are generally developed over time - and continue to be 'proven true' over time.

Which is a little bit of a Catch 22 for those who would like to be more confident! ... Because to be more self confident, you must first believe you are self confident ...

But how can you believe you are self confident
if you need to be self confident in the first place
... in order to develop the belief over time!!!


Fortunately there is a way around this ... a product of the science called behavioral modeling ... which is to:

Adopt a 'self confident state'.

What is a 'state' exactly? ... Think of it as a collection of 'micro-behaviors' - things that you 'do' - and you will have an idea of it.

This includes:

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But even if you didn't enroll on the course just yet, here are some practical ways to develop this further ... and help you improve your confidence!

The VAK (Visual Auditory Kinesthetic) Method for Boosting Confidence

Let's break down your 'state' into some simple component parts:

*There is so much more to kinesthetic than this that I have deliberately left out for the sake of clarity

Now, as I said before, this is still somewhat a simplistic explanation - luckily still effective enough to change your life!

OK, now let's make some contrasts between what someone with LOW Confidence might create for themselves ... internally and state-wise ... compared to someone with HIGH Confidence:

LOW Confidence

HIGH Confidence


  • Picturing failure ... 'the worst'
  • Dull, flat appearance
  • Imagines (sees) others comparatively way more confident


  • Picturing success ... the 'goal', not the pain along the way
  • Bright, highly colorful, sparkling 3-D appearance
  • Imagines (sees) self acting confidently


  • Self talk of failure "That won't work ..."
  • Could be hearing a critical sounding voice
  • Maybe no music or a depressingly lethargic tempo


  • Self talk of success "One of these methods will work for me ..."
  • Hears positive encouragement-sounding voice
  • Maybe exciting tempo, bouncy music


  • Slumped posture
  • Shallow chest-breathing ('anxiety breath')
  • Walks fearfully as if walking into trouble


  • Stands straight and tall
  • Breathing deeply into stomach (manages any anxiety)
  • Walks purposefully, with intent to succeed

These are totally within your power to change!

Now the above examples I have given are only examples ... so start by analyzing yourself ...

There will be one of these factors that will make a significant difference when you discover it.

Significant enough that it can change your life.

Why? ...

Because you will shift your state - from someone adopting a 'low-personal-power' state, to someone 'MODELING' a state of high personal power.

Will this mean you will suddenly feel super-confident? Probably not. In fact better not to expect this.

Just expect that many subtle changes over as short period of time add up to one big change - you just might not feel or experience it dramatically.

And so your belief in yourself can start to grow - the success spiral will take it's inevitable path (to learn how to make powerful use of the success spiral, take my free course!).

Being More Self Confident - how does it affect Self Esteem?

Because of the powerful effects of the success spiral, changing your state to modeling high personal power WILL have an effect on your increasing self worth.

Remember, feeling confident and having high self esteem
is something we do,
not something we have!

And ... change what you do and you can dramatically change what you have.

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