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I found the program to be extremely uplifting. My life was in chaos and I felt helpless.

Doing this course has boosted my self-esteem so much that I can now look into the mirror and say, "Hey Beautiful" with a smile.

Thank you so much, Samantha

From: Robert Scanlon
Tuesday, 10:20am

You might be wondering how I would know all this ...

Well I have been depressed (to the point of nervous exhaustion) ... been fired (for being a 'complainer') ... been totally broke (more times than I can count) ... owned real estate twice then lost it all ... lost $100,000's in failed business ventures.

I had a broken marriage ... I've been pursued by debt collectors ... been too shy to even approach a girl (let alone ask for a date) ... been bullied countless times at school and at work ... my self confidence massively dented ...

... and I didn't even know I had 'low' self esteem ... or even what 'it' was!

I took a long time to wake up to myself. I blamed my situation, my conservative upbringing ("Be seen and not heard. Speak only when you are spoken to."). I blamed the fact that I got way less weekly allowance than my school friends.

I blamed the government. I pointed the finger at those organizations quite clearly conspiring to make my life a misery.

And the funny thing is, by adopting all those beliefs, it seemed to come true. I had turned into a pessimistic, cynical no-hoper! (Ask my Mom & Dad ...)

And yet a spark of ambition and desire still burned somewhere inside of me ... probably more likely out of sheer frustration at being so 'stuck'.

Then I discovered the real down-and-dirty
practical 'how-to's' of building self esteem

And by relying on bucket-loads of self help ... as well as a good teacher who could help me instill some self confidence ... I began to translate this 'self improvement concept' into practical 'how-to' instructions ... essential for someone like me.

And this is what I discovered ...

I also discovered how incredibly easy it was to get started ... and to begin making a difference to myself.

Now, let me tell you I have read just about every personal development book there is ... and completed just about one thousand hours of personal development workshops, seminars ... you name it, I've probably done it or read it.

Thinking back on it, it makes me really angry
that tons of people are needlessly spending money
on these so-called guru-seminars because
they nearly all have one serious flaw!

They nearly all have lots of very sensible sounding 'Agony Aunt advice' ... but don't give you ANY skills or techniques to support it!

For example:

"Don't like yourself? Hey, just learn to love yourself!"

Yeah right! I don't know about you, but I find this kind of 'advice' less than helpful.

Here's another:

"Want to give up smoking? Easy. Just stop."

See what I mean? You already know what to do ... it's the 'how' that's missing!

Over the next 21 days, you can learn those missing 'how-to's' for yourself!

In fact, I've designed this free ebook and accompanying self help course to be packed with instructions for 'how-to' use the techniques.

* * You'll also receive precise coaching instructions for each Lesson
in your inbox that outline and reinforce the exact 'how-to'
techniques contained in the eBook! * *

But don't listen to me - check out what recent students have been saying:

In 1995 I had retire due to illness, and I turned to writing, but have never sent anything to a publisher.....I have had poems published but couldn't seem to send anything else.

I discovered through your work, that the old tapes in my head were playing all these years that I wasn't good enough....even though everyone who has read my writings loved them.

Thanks to you I now can send my work out to publishers...and someday be published. Thank you!Ann Floch

Why not discover how to dramatically boost your personal power?

Sign up for your FREE 21-day E-course "Boost Your Self Esteem To New Heights" ($97 Value), complete with 56-Page free ebook. Why not feel on top of the world every day?

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Of course you'll need to put in some effort.

But what if you knew the steps to unlock the inner power you already have?!

What if you knew ...

Want to get your free ebook now? Go to the course sign-up form, enter in your details and start in the next 5 minutes!

At this stage having done 50%, I feel like a different person and I look forward for the next lesson.

I am a lot more motivated and want to thank the people who share with others.

Thank you, Theo Coetsee

Be prepared. Your life will change. Your old friends may not like 'the new you'. And you may end up leaving some of them behind. You'll want to do things that you previously may have thought 'weren't you' or even seem a little silly.

But maybe you'll even doubt this is at all possible. Surely it's too good to be true?

Well, remember me? Now I have a happy family, with a delightful 2&1/2yr old girl who gets beautiful, positive, loving attention everyday. (I never thought I'd get married again, let alone have a child. Ask my friends!). And yes, this photo really is us (apparently some site visitors thought I'd hired an attractive actress complete with baby stand-in! My wife was extremely flattered. Just goes to show how cynical we surfers can be.)

Yes this really is me and my family!

I have 2 good, solid businesses; I am free of personal debt (to be completely frank, some of our investments are leveraged with loans) and I have created a net worth higher than I previously could have believed possible for me in the time frame it was achieved.

Let me share something personal with you. I didn't always believe this stuff would work ...

So I put off putting this information into action, perhaps because of a nagging, misplaced doubt. I really only discovered 'how to change things' around quite late in life.

In fact, I procrastinated FOR 10 YEARS, even though I already knew most of the 'how-to'. Of course, some things did get better along the way ... but one 'low point' changed everything.

I was sitting on the beach one day, in Sydney, Australia. It was a beautiful hot, sunny day. The beach was full of people - friends, families - picnicking, having a great time, laughing, splashing in and out of the sea. And I was desperately unhappy.

I already had a successful business. A loving partner. Money in the bank. But I was preoccupied with my own sense of un-fulfillment. I had had over 10 years of exposure to most of these techniques, and whilst some of my life had definitely changed for the better, I still didn't feel good. I felt somewhat 'alone' on that beach as a matter of fact.

Then I had one of those 'lightbulb moments'.

Since that time, my life has changed.

Oh I still have my moments (hey, I'm human!) - but these very tools and techniques are the same ones I use when I have my 'down days'.

If you'd like to know about my lightbulb moment and how you can change your own life, then don't put it off doing anything about it for 10 years like I did.

How much longer do you want to go on feeling the way you do?

Why not start NOW?

You can start right away ... remember it's ALL FREE ... and be up and running in the next 5 minutes. Just fill out the form below, click on "Get the free course!" and you're away!

Why not discover how to dramatically boost your personal power?

Sign up for your FREE 21-day E-course "Boost Your Self Esteem To New Heights" ($97 Value), complete with 56-Page free ebook. Why not feel on top of the world every day?

Now includes BONUS FREE WORKSHEETS and FREE Annual Subscription to "Instant-Self-Esteem"! (Another $97 in value!)

I never share your email with anyone.


At this point some of you may be thinking "What's the catch? Why is it free? Aren't you going to start sending me bucket-loads of emails everyday after I sign up?"

No I promise I won't do that.

If it is OK by you, I will send further tips, tools and techniques on a regular basis - but they cost nothing and you can unsubscribe whenever you like. And re-subscribe whenever you like.

And the reason it is free is quite simple.

Some really good things are free!

For example, do you pay to listen to your radio? Or to enjoy a picnic with friends in the park?

I didn't pay for plenty of the things that really helped me change my life ... advice from mentors ... gifts from friends. So feel free to take full advantage while I get busy giving something back.

Now am sure I won't be able to keep this free forever, I do have to pay for web-hosting; my own time administering this site and responding to emails.

* * * STOP PRESS * * *
Due to demand, I have already had to limit
the free availability of the course. You probably saw the announcement at
the top of this page.

But YOU can still get it FREE today!

And as for the content of the course? Quite deliberately, I haven't taken any of your time up until now to tell you about my own professional background.

However, let me illustrate the value in this course. I have for the last 13 years been running my own corporate management training business, educating many thousands of people. (Still doing it and loving it actually - this website is a sideline!) Prior to that, I had a senior management position for many years in a multinational record company.

This powerful 21-day e-course
condenses many many thousands of hours
of studying, experiencing developing
and teaching these concepts.

I could easily charge $97 or more for this course!

So you have nothing to lose by trying ... and potentially much to gain. It is not possible to be worse off! Go to the free course sign-up form, enter in your details and start right now.

Still not convinced? Take a look at a screen capture of the Table Of Contents to really see the effort I have put into creating this course.

I really look forward to hearing about your successes!

All the best for your journey,


Robert Scanlon

PS. I am writing this version in the sunshine in the South of France from my apartment overlooking a panoramic view of the Cote d'Azur, Nice, Monaco and even a little bit of the coast of Italy.

We're here for 8 months, not working (well OK, I'm writing this letter, but it isn't really work when you love it, is it!), just living, soaking up the culture and language. Many people have asked me how I came to do this (one suspects they are really asking themselves "How could I do something like that?").

Well for one, it has been a long-term dream for my wife - and we don't like having dreams that don't materialize. There's the motivation.

But here is the key for me and for you ... even if you don't want to try my Free ebook and 21-day E-course today, that's OK ... just remember this:

PPS. Do you really want to waste 10 years like I did? Why wait? You can start skyrocketing your personal power in the next 5 minutes ... risk free!

Click here and start now ...

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Free 21-day E-course
"Boost Your Self Esteem
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($97 Value)
Complete with 56-Page FREE eBook.
Why not feel on top of the world every day?

FREE Annual Subscription to "Instant-Self-Esteem"!
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